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This is the journey that shaped my career path, visions, and ultimately the business at hand. I have a dual Icelandic / Iranian citizenship and lived most of my life in Europe, but I was born in Iran, studied primarily in a French-Iranian school, and influenced by geology and natural resources since early on. I left Iran to study geology for hydrocarbon exploration in France where I also gained work experience in my discipline. Following my curiousity about active geological processes, rift and transform zones, I recolated to Iceland a couple of decades ago when very few foreign scientists were around.


I transitioned from hydrocarbons to (or more exactly added to my experience) geothermal exploration, related processes and natural hazards in Iceland - a transition long before today's similar global efforts. At the same time, I try to remain connected to my roots in hydrocarbons, one of which ways has been to enrol, long after my PhD, in an intensive professional training update in hydrocarbon exploration - a postion awarded to me by Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain.

On my journey, I experienced many roles ranging from simple trainee, principal geologist, teacher, day-to-day management, to consulting and business entrepreneurship. Either because of origin, gender, location, or timing, I have often found myself to be among the firsts to experience new circumstances without much precedence on sites. Despite these, I accomplished the following in sciences and business, so far:

  • A multidisciplinary geoscientific experience in several energy sectors; in industry and academia.

  • Expertise applicable to a wide range of energy sector (high and low temperature geothermal fields; hydrocarbons), geological risk assessment for drilling or for constructing hydro-electric power plants and tunnels; enhanced geothermal system (EGS); earthquake hazard; CO2 emission.

  • Services relevant to exploration (upstream) and production (downstream); R & D; Business DevelopmentResearch/Industry projects; Development Aids; Risk Mitigation and Sustainable Management programs.

  • Helping clients solve their geoscientific challenges; finding better resources; reducing cost and risk related to operations; contributing to research related to natural resources; building knowledge.

  • Services rendered so far to energy companies; governments and development cooperation; academia; UNU Training Program; EU projects; investors.

  • For my independent consultancy: project definition, negotiation, acquisition and execution; administration; and management.

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