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Key Qualifications


  • Outcrop mapping of bedrock (lavas, hyaloclastites, sills, sedimentary series) and structural analysis (faults, dykes, mineral veins, secondary fractures, flexures, dips) for tectonics / magmatic / sedimentary evolution.

  • Aerial images and morpho-structural interpretation in continental and oceanic crust.

  • Dynamics of extensional plate boundaries and intraplate blocks for resource exploration: rifted volcanic systems, transform zones, microplates, and intraplate blocks.

  • Active tectonics and seismo-tectonic (field mapping of source faults of earthquakes); Seismic hazard; Paleoseismicity.

  • Synthesis and interpretation of multidisciplinary data from surface and sub-surface (regional to reservoir scales) for exploration and production.

  • Geothermal exploration in fractured-reservoirs; fracture permeability and earthquakes (natural and triggered earthquakes due to reinjection); Tracer flow path; Structural control of CO2 natural emission.

  • Conceptual modelling of temperature, permeability and flow in fractured reservoirs.

  • Selection of drill sites and structural targets for vertical or inclined drilling.

  • Data quality review and gap analysis; Feasibility study; Due diligence.

  • Geological site investigations for hydroelectric power plant constructions and tunnelling.

  • Hydrocarbon exploration: Regional geological screening; Seismic interpretation; Petroleum systems identification; Play & Prospect analysis; Reservoir sequence stratigraphy; Well correlation.

  • Research; Teaching and supervision.

  • Conference organisation, review and chairing.

  • Scientific journal reviewer.

  • Field guidance.

  • Application writing for funding.


  • Board member of Geothermal Association of Iceland.

  • Current member of Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain; International Geothermal Association; Geoscience Society of Iceland.

  • Past member of French Union of Geologists.


  • As an independent consultant, I launched and operate a business, albeit small, requiring typical responsibilities of project definition, negotiation, acquisition and execution; Administration; Management.

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