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Geological Settings & Interests

Geological Settings:

I gained an understanding of the following geological settings through training, research and industrial project work, spanning decades:

  •  Expertise mostly in geological areas under extension (rifts; transform zones; oblique rifts; microplates) and intraplate blocks.

  • In sedimentary and volcanic terrains.

  • Knowledge of compressional zones and foreland basins.


The geological time scale that I worked on spans Devonian up to Quaternary, but mostly from Jurassic to the present during:

  • Field work: France; Iceland; Djibouti; Scotland; Iran; USA.

  • Desktop studies (education/training/work): Atlantic; Baffin Bay; Cuba; Africa / Red Sea; Middle East / Mediterranean; Continental Europe; Caspian Basin / Ural / Himalaya; Locally Pacific.



Scientific Interests:

Plate tectonics; Active geological processes; Natural resources; Exploration, Production; Natural risks including Climate Change; Link between energy types and natural risks; Planetary processes in solar system; Business Development.



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